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Be an informed puppy buyer.  If you are planning to purchase a puppy, the Golden Retriever Club of America, Inc. has some excellent information to help you make an informed decision.  We encourage you to visit the GRCA website.


The Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club strongly encourages responsible breeding and offers puppy referral services for those people interested in acquiring a Golden Retriever.  Litters are referred by our organization only after the breeder has provided eyes, heart, elbow and hip clearances on both parents.  This is keeping with the national standard set up by the Golden Retriever Club of America.  

If you are interested in information about litters available from reputable breeders who are members of GPGRC, click here to email our puppy referral volunteer, Pat Depp.


Breeder Referral and Disclaimer 

The GPGRC Breeder Referral is a free service to educate and assist prospective Golden Retriever owners in their search for a Golden.  Prospective owners are encouraged to learn about the breed by joining the GPGRC and by educating themselves prior to purchasing a Golden.

Breeders referred are members of GPGRC and have agreed to follow the breeding criteria set forth by GPGRC.  However, the GPGRC does not endorse, recommend or guarantee any individual breeder and disclaims any liability or obligation for the health, temperament or fitness for a particular purpose or any aspect of Golden Retrievers purchased through GPGRC identified breeders.


Further, the GPGRC has no financial interest in and accepts no remuneration for breeder sources from either the buyer or breeder.

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